Valorant Crosshair Guide: Best Valorant Crosshair

Valorant Crosshair help players climb the competitive ladder. That’s why the Crosshair setting is very important. The center of the Crosshair should be directly focused on your enemy so that you can kill the enemy in one shot.

New Valorant player has a default dynamic Crosshair displayed in the middle of the screen. Default crosshair is not ideal for a competitive match while it may good for the casual player.

For a competitive match, the player should pick the best crosshair to use. All you have to adjust the setting in the menu according to your preference. You can choose the bigger one or even a dot size.

But the question is what is the best Valorant crosshair? What are the ideal settings of the Valorant best Crosshair? In this article, you’ll get to know about the best Valorant Crosshair setting and how to master your Crosshair.

Points to be considered for the best Valorant Crosshair. There are different options and sliders for the best Crosshair to use.

Color: You can choose 8 colors.Although choose a bright color that doesn’t merge with the background.

Outlines: Outer edges of Valorant crosshair are highlighted in black color. It doesn’t merge with similar colored objects. But if you don’t like the color you can turn it off if.

Center dot: You can have a dot in the middle of the crosshair but if you want to change the size of the dot you can change the opacity and thickness.

Faded crosshair: Upper half of the crosshair will fade if the spray of the automatic weapon you’re firing is off. Though when you stop firing the upper half will automatically reappear.

Player’s Crosshair: If you like other players’ crosshairs while playing the match. You can change the color of your crosshair in the settings.

Inner & Outer lines: You can see several sliders in the crosshair settings menu. With the help of sliders, you can change the settings of inner and outlines. Make your crosshair by adjusting the opacity, length, distance, and thickness.

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Best Valorant Crosshair

 It takes time to create the best Valorant Crosshair. Have a look at some best Valorant Crosshair settings and pick the Valorant best Crosshair for you.


Z is one of the best players in the Valorant game, so his Crosshair settings.

  • Colour: Cyan
  • Outlines: Off
  • Center dot: Off
  • Inner lines: 1/4/2/2
  • Outer lines: 0/0/0/0
  • Fade/movement/firing error: Off/Off/Off

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Screams Valorant Crosshair is very small. But if you want bigger you can change it in the settings.

  • Colour: Cyan
  • Outlines: On/1/1
  • Center dot: On/1/1
  • Inner lines: 0/0/0/0
  • Outer lines: 0/0/0/0
  • Fade/movement/firing error: Off/Off/Off


It is a small Crosshair with a center dot and outlines and the firing error is on in his settings.

  • Colour: Green
  • Outlines: On/1/1
  • Center dot: On
  • Inner lines: 1/2/1/0
  • Outer lines: 1/0/4/2
  • Fade/movement/firing error: Off/Off/On


This game is a bigger one as compared to others on the list. Many players from the world choose this setting to play. His setting is ideal for long-range shootouts.

  • Colour: Cyan
  • Outlines: On/1/1
  • Center dot: Off
  • Inner lines: 1/8/2/5
  • Outer lines: 0/0/0/0
  • Fade/movement/firing error: Off/Off/Off

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You’ll find out the best Valorant crosshair setting in this article and the importance of valorant crosshair in the Valorant game. Play and comment below for more updates. Stay tuned.

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