Top 15 Best Browser Games To Kill Time

Browser games are the ones that do not take any storage space, run on basically any PC with internet, and are perfect to relax between work or meetings. Several such fun titles are available free of cost.

Sure, they lack high-class graphics and are pretty simple when it comes to gameplay, but provide great enjoyment and are good to calm your nerves when tense.

Here is a list of the 15 best browser games available online to relish your time:

  2. The wiki game
  3. Browserquest
  4. Street skater
  5. Line rider
  7. Nightpoint
  9. Solitaire
  10. Isleward
  11. Copter
  12. War Brokers
  14. Celeste Classic
  15. Threes game similar to popular snakes, but here you play with millions of online players. Eat up the colorful dots to grow and kill other snakes to get ahead of the competition. An amusing game. 

The Wiki Game

The fastest finger first game where you race through Wikipedia pages to get to the desired article in the least time possible or fewest clicks. A good way to spend time if you are bored. Click the link to play the game The Wiki Game


The BrowserQuest massively multiplayer online game where you get to explore vast lands where you can chat with players via in-game chat and work together with them to defeat enemies and collect loot.

Street Skater

A street skater arcade game where you control a boy on a skateboard using the keyboard. Jump over obstacles, perform tricks, and collect points to compete on the leaderboard as you zoom on.

Line Rider

A-Line Rider classic sandbox game where you are tasked with drawing a path for the sled rider on a plain white sheet. It has endless possibilities as the outcome depends on your creativity and concept.

Another game that runs on the snake game format. A epic online multiplayer where you eat neon bits, boost your speed and outsmart other players to stay alive as well as get longer.


A Nightpoint is a fast-paced online multiplayer shooter game where you have to save yourself from dangerous zombies as well as other players and stay alive for as long as possible. Shoot your way up!

A multiplayer online game where you are the pilot of a fighter jet and have to survive the attacks coming from other players. Collect health and weapons to battle the planes. Strategize assaults.

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A single-player card game, Solitaire is where a player needs to arrange cards according to certain rules. One of them is that he/she cannot place the same color cards beside each other. 


The world’s only open-source roguelike MMO game. An Isleward game where you are shipwrecked on land and need to survive by finding necessities. Meet strangers and use weapons to attack.


A Copter helicopter game where you use your mouse to control the up and down movement. The terrain is tough and a single mistake would lead to a crash. Travel as far as possible.

War Brokers

An FPS Battle Royale shooter game where you wield weapons and kill the enemies to survive. The War Brokers gameplay is similar to counter-strike where eventually one team/player comes out on top.

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A Multiplayer skill-based game with deep melee combat and RPG elements. The aim is to loot your enemies for gold and upgrade your weapons as well as the fort. Beware, it is addictive.

Celeste Classic

A Celeste Classic platform game in which you control a girl and make your way up the mountain while avoiding obstacles on the path. Other than jumping/climbing, she can perform mid-air dash on all sides.

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A puzzle video browser games where the player slides numbered tiles on a four-by-four grid using arrow keys. The objective is to keep the grid empty for new tiles. It ends when there is no space left. Click the link to play Game

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