Sims Mobile Review: A Life Simulation Game

Author the lives that your Sims lead in this free-to-play title where you play god. Sims Mobile is a portable take on the classic game.

It provides far more customizations with tons of different style options and distinct features for characters. The players experience fighting, dating, showering, marrying,  pregnancy, and more.

One can generate a type of life they have always desired to have. An introvert can become an extrovert, a dreamer can build things as he wishes to, a lonely person can meet new people, and more.

This simulation game features several to-do lists that are to be taken care of every day in real-time to earn rewards. It offers a more focused, accessible version than any title in the franchise before it.

The more players participate in jobs, the more money they can make, and the catch is energy as always.

One can restore it through SimCash obtained through in-game quests and micro-transactions. The player can also buy SimCash using real money.

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Sim Mobile is a linear feeling game where players experience a greater sense of accomplishment while doing basic things.

It always has something or the other that needs attention and the gameplay focuses on telling stories through Sim’s actions.

As the players move forward, they level up and unlock new cutscenes, new furniture, or clothing items. It is truly a fun little app for newbies as well as Sims veterans alike. The ironic approach is delightful.

With a brighter and more refreshing upgrade to graphics. The developers have kept the visuals alive as usual. The game has the tendency to make players check their Sims more often than they check out their social media feeds.

There are times when the player can feel overwhelmed because of so many intricacies involved in the gameplay but it is all taken care of by tutorials. They could have been more informative, nevertheless, the simple directives are good enough.

The players are encouraged to start friendly/romantic relationships/rivalries.

Work a part-time job, sharpen a skill/hobby. And engage in tons of different activities. One of the finest things about this title is that the Sims can conduct a task on their own as well. It allows players to progress even when they are not playing.

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This helps them to focus both on real life and reel life. Moreover, a player can choose to watch ads instead of spending real money to advance rapidly.

It doesn’t matter whether the player has a few minutes or hours. Sims Mobiles offers something productive to do. The game runs fantastically even on subpar mobiles with constant internet connection.

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It was nominated in the category of Outstanding Video Game at the 30th GLAAD Media Awards. And received positive feedback from most gamers.

A Sims Mobile must-play title for gamers who love the sandbox genre.

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