Battlesage: Redefines New Concept Of Fast Travel

Battlesage is an action-adventure game developed by Belgian developers Tovenaar Games. Tovenaar describes this game to be one where the player gets the role of a “young flying wizard”.  Let’s talk about this game and explore it further.

Battlesage is a game that replicates the very famous Nintendo Switch game Zelda: Breath of the wild in some aspects. It is similar in various ways but in no way a copy of the latter. The animation style, graphics, overall look and feel everything can be said to be a mix between Zelda: Breath of the wild and Japanese anime giant Studio Ghibli.

This game provides a surreal experience to the player. In the game, they get to fly through the skies as they pass alongside giant air blimps.  Battlesage makes the player get completely immersed in this virtual fictional world and this is no less than magic. A surely magical and promising game, Battlesage is all set to be a blockbuster game in the times to come.

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Currently, The game Battlesage is in its early stages of development. It is already creating hype and excitement in the gaming community. The game’s developer Tovenaar Games has a Twitter account where they regularly keep updating stuff related to the game.  Anyone wanting to keep track of any advancements and progress done by Tovenaar Games or any important updates. Anyone can easily keep a track of the advancements made regarding the game by following their official handle on Twitter.

Talking about the gameplay, all we know as of now is that the main character is a young flying wizard. The Character sets off on an epic adventure taking us to an immersive world and dynamic gameplay experience. The player needs to complete various sorts of missions, encounter various sorts of puzzles. It moves around in search of skills and knowledge.

The wizard encounters friends, as well as some enemies as the storyline progresses and the missions, keep moving further. This game also provides the ability to fly which is a great thing in itself.

Anyone who has ever played Zelda: Breath of the wild and similar games like Genshin Impact or Oceanhorn 3. The player would get vibes similar to it although it will feel very unique and different at the same time. Players who have played at least two games out of these three mentioned would get the hang of the thing mentioned here.

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Tovenaar Games also has a channel on Youtube where they keep updating videos for Battlesage lovers. Interested people can check that out as well.  They are consistent with their uploads.


Battlesage is still in its early stages of development. Already getting tons of positive responses, reviews, and feedback from players all around the world. Although it’s too early to actually comment on this game and find out its pros and cons. Or talk about them, Battlesage does look very promising and exciting as it is a fresh concept.

Once the final version of this game is released worldwide, it will surely be a massive hit. Let’s see what the future holds ahead for the developers and how they keep updating this game with more challenges, missions, and uniqueness. Battlesage will need to work a lot to keep up with its competitors namely, Zelda and Genshin Impact.

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