Destiny 2: How to get Spectral Pages so that you can loot more!

If you are booking to pave your way through the Festival of the lost in the quickest way possible, then you will have to farm spectral pages destiny 2.

These spectral pages can be converted into Manifested pages by defeating the Headless Ones and by opening the chest in the haunted sectors by which you can unlock lore from the book of forgotten.

So, if you guys are still not able to crack spectral pages destiny 2 then you have arrived at the perfect moment. It can be done in two ways: either do it solo or work as a fireteam.

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It involves the Wrathborn Hunts and using the Lure.  You can carry 75 spectral pages at a particular time. So, a fireteam of two players can reach the limit in the quickest way possible.

Remember: You must have your festival of the lost mask if you want to get your hands on Spectral pages Destiny 2. If you have cracked it properly, then you don’t need to worry about Wrathborne Hunt or even not worry about recharging your Lure.

In destiny 2 how to get spectral pages if you are working with a fireteam, then you will first have to decide who is going to lead the team. As the leader, your job is to: Choose the prey Mode and save your lure and head for the tangled shore and start the mission.

You will need to defeat the Servitor and then follow a green trail until you stumble upon an area that says: “Stalk your Prey.” Once you have arrived there, the fireteam leader has to stand still.

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Yes, stay right there and let the rest of the squad defeat Savek and once he’s defeated, you will receive five or six pages. Here comes the difficult phase for which you will need a strong team on which you can trust.

When Savek is dead and you have looted the drops, you must let your fireteam leader open the menu and tell him to abandon the mission before the time runs out. It should teleport you back to the exact same spot from where you had begun the mission.

And in the case, while teleporting to the beginning area, if the leader doesn’t get transported back, his lure will probably get depleted and you can travel to the boss fight to start the whole process again and don’t stop until you have got your hands-on the spectral pages.

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As compared to the fireteam, the solo task is similar unless you jump into the irrevocable part of the Wrathborn hunt you will have to open the lure and reset it. You will stay in the mission and will complete it as usual.

You will need to complete the first part of the mission by resetting it. Regardless of whichever method you use, you will have to pay a visit to the Hunted sector in order to farm your loot.

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