Gley Lancer Cheats, Codes, Tips, and Tricks

Gley Lancer is an outstanding adventure game that takes you across the stars and the galaxy to save your father. In the year 1992, Glyelancer was released, which was an iconic galaxy shooting game. Explore Gley Lancer Cheats you have missed.

Our female character is the pilot in the game who hijacks a prototype fighter and finds her missing father. As we all know, cheat codes are a common way to crack the game.

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Now get ready to shoot your way out into the battleground fighting off aliens as you guide your way into the universe.

Gley Lancer cheats are popular on the internet. You can equip various weapons and power-ups. You can choose between various functions to customize your ship and become the most powerful fighting source in the galaxy.

Gley Lancer Cheats for genesis:

1- Mania Trouble Setting: To unlock mania settings press Left, Down, Right, B, and then A on the main screen when you get to see “PUSH START BUTTON” flashing on the screen. The Gleylancer logo should turn yellow if you have entered the Gylerlancer cheats correctly.

2- Stage Selection: When the screen shows “Stage 1 Start”, press B, B, C, A, Up, Down. If you have entered the Gylelancer mega drive cheats correctly the screen will behave like stage select.

3- Pause Cheats: You can enter these Gleylancer mega drive cheats when the game is paused. The pause Gleylancer mega drive cheats are mentioned below:

  1. up, down, A, B, C, left, right, C, B, A: Add one life to your character each time the code is inserted into the game.
  2. B, A, C, A, down, A, C, A, right, A, B, up, right, up, B, up, right, up, down, A: Open up the cheat menu.

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