The Future Of Video Games | What To Expect?

About 35% of the world’s population are gamers and the percentage is increasing exponentially. The scope of gaming is huge as technology improves and more companies join the industry.

Recently, Netflix announced that it will be introducing video games on the streaming platform, whereas Amazon is all set to launch New World! Epic Games Studio has just opened Self-Publishing Beta providing small-time developers much needed support.

The gaming industry is experiencing a revolution as new titles showcase better mechanics and graphics.

The future of gaming is greater than expected as companies such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft continue to advance innovation in the game console space.

Powered by growing connectivity and a surge in free-to-play games, engagement with virtual entertainment has escalated as well.

There is a significant rise in people preferring VGC (Video Gaming Content) over any other form of amusement. It all points to a simple fact, the time ahead is fascinating.

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We will see more Virtual Reality titles with better gameplay mechanics and advanced realism. The VR industry will reach $15 billion by the end of 2025.

Analysts believe that its biggest promise is interaction with AI-driven NPCs and mass gaming in the form of VR-arenas.

This will be combined with full immersion using a full-body suit with sensory functionality that provides amazing haptic feedback based on things happening in the game. Imagine feeling the bullet!

Do you know that while developing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, a strange AI behavior occurred displaying how the technology has evolved?

Two NPCs kept following their leader as zealous disciples even when he fast traveled across the map.

Modern AI techniques use algorithms to study incoming data, interpret it and decide on a course of action in real-time. This gives AI agents much more flexibility and freedom.

The evolution is incredible as soon the NPCs would possess human-like conversational skills. They would be able to think, talk, act, and plan!

Mobile gaming will observe an unprecedented surge as the devices become capable of handling heavy graphics and support extensive bandwidths.

Cloud gaming would play a significant role in bringing new titles to the handset.

Moreover, platforms like Google Stadia and Apple Arcade would bring games to all screens at affordable rates.

Talking about consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have set the right tone but soon we will be witnessing striking improvements.

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The indie developers would ascend to new levels and become major players.

Large tech companies will look to leverage their current framework to get involved in this booming industry with numerous possibilities.

A decade ago, gaming was confined to nerds and was on the brink of death.

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But the progress in technology and involvement of pop culture not only saved it but also catapulted it to becoming one of the top-performing industries.

The future of video games holds surprises and excitement for both gamers and developers. We can expect that the coming days will introduce trends that will change the course of interaction-based pleasure forever!

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