According to my Evil Genius 2 review, I can tell how fun it is to play an evil character. World Domination 2 is specifically designed for it. Evil Genius 2 is a game that frames the frustration of a villain in the most realistic and true way.

According to my Evil Genius 2 review, the players act like a boss to a group of henchmen. The game is based on the Dungeon Keeper meets James Bond kind of storyline. You play as a character called Maximilian by default (you can change your character as you wish).

The boss is supposed to train new henchmen who can replace the old, lazy henchmen.

You have to send these trainees to Thug University. For this, you need to hire more workers but you can’t because you have already spent that money on replacing the traps.

Basically, you are broke and in need of excessive money. To meet your monetary needs, you have to make more money-making schemes for which you need more workers and hence, the cycle of shortage of money starts all over again. The Evil Genius 2 has a villainous bureaucracy which can be a major headache for the master villain.

This game lets you shoot your minions whenever you want which may help blow off some steam in your head. So whenever your stupid minions mess up a plan, feel free to shoot them in their heads. Evil Genius 2 has a variety of devious characters you can play and choose from.

According to my Evil Genius 2 review, the game perfectly fits the villainous aesthetic. All the characters of the World Domination game have a very unique personality, whether it’s brass-bedecked Red Ivan or goody-two-shoes turned into evil menacing villain Emma. Due to their malicious nature, you are always left to wonder how they will react to certain decision-making or challenges.

World Domination 2 gives you control of the type of tale you are in the mood to play by giving you access to optional side missions. You can use your Titans of crime to unfold the story, the way you like. The whole game is laced with dramatic animations and sound effects.

You can enjoy scripted episodes.

Your newly hired minions are trained to commit all sorts of criminal acts. You get to steal high valued goods, put up a fight against the world’s greatest crime fighters, etc while maintaining a positive image for public exposure. The villains run a Casino as a cover operation.

The Casino’s bar comes in handy for distracting the investigators with drinks, deluding their thinking capacities, and sending them home with no clues whatsoever. In this Evil Genius 2 review, you are warned that if the heroes enter the “employees only” doors, you will get in intense dust-ups. Your fame hikes when you defeat a tough enemy.

This may get repetitive and boring since every time an invasion happens, you need to hit the lockdown button for sending your security team. According to my Evil Genius 2 review,  the game excels in style and aesthetics but lags in substance. If you had some money in the starting instead of being broke, you could have made a dedicated floor for slowing down the enemies in World Domination 2.

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However, you are forced to equip a limited space with evil computers, evil beds, multilayered bases, etc which makes the game exciting. This Evil Genius 2 review states that the world map is a confusing and messy factor in the World Domination game. The world map shows all your minions in the whole wide world.

It shows you how many minions of yours are free but there is no easy way of seeing which minion needs your utmost attention. A drawback of Evil Genius 2 is the rewards of your operations. The operations are a quick fix for an emergency cash infusion.

Each network generates a sustainable amount of passive income even with you doing nothing. The interface has been proved to be bad at communicating objectives.

It dolls out vague directions. It tells you what to do but it never tells you how to do it.

You need to brainstorm through the game to find out your own path to the mission.

The game opens up to a tutorial. In my Evil Genius 2 review, I can say that the tutorial is mediocre. The tutorial will guide you through the setup and objectives. But there is no glossary to run you through the basic terms of the game.

I wish the tutorial for the World Domination game was a little more beneficial. With my Evil Genius 2 review, I can say that the World Domination game is a strategic game that gives YOU the control to build traps and become the biggest villain in the world. Each playthrough navigates the whole campaign so it doesn’t have many levels.

Strategy making can be refreshing. You don’t have to perform the entire building-the-base thing for each level. You can save your progress with the aid of the ‘autosave’ feature to avoid losing your progress just in case your Evil Genius dies. Since there aren’t many levels, replaying the game may become boring.

Your enjoyment depends on how much you like the game and if you are okay with re-playing it. According to this Evil Genius 2 review, the main body of the game lies in the main, side, and optional objectives. If you strategize sustainably, your options expand as you play.

You may have to do repetitive tasks for money but it is worth doing for expanding your criminal business. The foremost thing you should do in reference to this Evil Genius 2 review, is to sort your power supply, a protected vault to store your gold, a place for your minions to sleep, and luxuries any evil overload needs or wants. You can later maximize this space as well.

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The training center for Minions trains them in different fortès so that you can have guards, scientists, doctors, or any other profession you may need for your operations. In Evil Genius 2, the most powerful minions are henchmen. They are the most loyal and dedicated out of all Minions.

They can be sent to battle or into briefing rooms, whatever way pleases you. You need to construct your own research lab where scientist minions are recruited. There are 5 different categories in research.

The research takes an unnecessarily long time which can be skipped through the fast forward feature. With the increase in criminal activity, the visits from law officials increase too. In World Domination 2, this is seen as a good thing as it will only bring you more fame.

These lawsuits can also affect your strategy though. They may decimate your workforce or sabotage your equipment, both of which cannot be prevented. These activities can be rather annoying and frustrating.

No amount of preventive measures can stop them. However, you can reduce them by lowering your heat via the world stage. The minions in Evil Genius 2 look entertaining while they perform their tasks like interrogating an enemy or learning a skill, giving you a sense of power as it’s your orders they are working on.

In this Evil Genius 2 review, I can tell you that there is an in-built photo mode that can click and share snaps of your lair if you want to.

The cheeky soundtrack of the World Domination game tops off the whole aura of the game. It creates a perfectly real world for your conspiracies to unfold.

Building rooms and walls can be tricky as you have to go through a lot of options to place the outline of the room and the accessories. If you make a mistake, you lose all your progress. To avoid that, make sure to click the “A” button for auto-saving your progress.

You can also not put doors in your rooms if you don’t want to. It is advised to put doors for security purposes though. Most players

 avoid doors because of the tedious process of making doors.

Another frustrating thing about World Domination 2 as mentioned before in this Evil Genius 2 review is the navigation on the world stage. There is no easier way to manage the happenings in each region. Constant reviewing of maps is required to avoid upcoming shortcomings.

It consumes a lot of time and labor. This time could be used in fighting off blazing infernos or undercover nemesis in your lair. With the above Evil Genius 2 review, it can be said that Evil Genius 2 is an amazingly presented and strategically layered game.

It has a few minor drawbacks which could be easily overlooked. The vibe of Evil Genius 2: World Domination game is exactly what you imagine when you think of an evil empire. 

Evil Genius 2 review at a glance:

Platforms available: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5

Developer and Publisher: Rebellion

Price: £34.99

Evil Genius 2 Rating: Overall rating: 4/5


  • Creating elaborate traps is an enjoyable activity
  • Humorous dialogues and fascinating animation style
  • Realistic visuals
  • Excellent features for making traps


  • No control over minions
  • Faulty AI
  • Mid-game can be considered boring or repetitive 

The Verdict

According to my Evil Genius 2 review, I would say Evil Genius 2 is definitely a game that makes you wanna snap your fingers like a villain and practice your devious laugh. The only drawback in this game is its clumpy working and confusing world map layer. Once you get the hang of it, it feels really freeing and exciting. Evil Genius 2 is a promising game with malicious plots and challenging operations.

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