Epic Games Self-Publishing Closed Beta Now Live

The Epic Games has opened up the sign-up portal to participate in a closed beta for a new suite of self-publishing tools.

The new elements make the process of setting up individual product pages,

achievements, pricing, and uploading builds as well as updates efficient for developers.

It is a great opportunity for new developers who want to get their game in front of a substantial audience. The store has 55+ million monthly active users and you can submit your content for closed beta consideration online now.

Epic Games team has to date relied upon a manual process to publish approximately 650 games and apps on its distribution platform.

These tools will not only make the process easier but also grow the store library faster than ever before.

The company is excited to test the toolset and observe the new process live. The feedback during this closed beta would help immensely in making the procedure seamless for all. There are tools that will make the basic processes of publishing new games effortless.

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Fresh developers won’t have to depend on a support team at all as they would be able to take care of everything from listing to updates.

This first step to gradually open up the store to all developers will assist the Epic Games team to stress test the toolset and rectify all shortcomings right away.

Note that the company has allowed all developers and publishers to submit their products. New participants will be selected on a case-by-case basis.

Non-game products or VR-only games are not yet eligible for inclusion but the portals for them would open soon. The existing lot in the store can directly contact their business manager to discuss participation.

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It is pretty simple to sign up for this closed beta and distribute products through the developer portal.

Fill in the beta submission form, wait for the review result, and if selected, the onboarding begins.

The onboarding commences with submitting essential legal, tax, and bank ID details for verification processes. Once done, you can begin configuring the product in the store using the tools on offer. Submit it after configuration for review.

The team will take some time to evaluate the submission thoroughly. If approved, it will be launched.

Remember that the games that are multiplayer must support crossplay for all PC storefronts as gamers expect to be able to link with their peers while playing.

Don’t worry, you are free to use any solution for crossplay, be it a third-party system locked to a particular store.

It’s the free and amazing Epic Online Services. 

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Showcase your creation among the best games and get the response it deserves.

Be mindful that the product published in this store must launch, run,

and be consistent in updating product details displayed to the users via PDP (Product Details Page).

Lastly, in case a product is subjected to frequent complaints about the content,

then it will face re-review and can be removed from the store it found inappropriate.

Epic Games Store has strict policies against hateful/discriminatory/illegal content, pornography, copyright violations, and fake/malware titles. We wish you all the best and pray that your game receives the success it deserves. 

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