Dota 2: 4-player co-op & gamepad support for Christmas 2021

Valve has launched a huge new update for Dota 2 that includes the return of its 4-player co-op mode, complete controller support, and a substantial revamp of the hero Mirana, among other things. This update also includes a slew of cosmetics, but you’ll have to shell out for Dota 2’s battle pass, which starts at $7.49 but can go up to $41.99 for a 100-level increase.

As you may know, Aghanim created numerous realities, which resulted in the Continuum Vault mode. It’s accessible to all players and may be entered as a group or individually, and it features fourteen of the game’s heroes. If you’re wondering why the complete roster isn’t available, it’s because each hero has their own upgrade choices and pathways via the ‘Aghanim’s Blessings’ matrix, which is a method for players to obtain permanent bonuses and new characters inside the mode.

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This seems like a combination of Dota and Diablo, and the idea is that you start with more abilities, progress, uncover even more crazy skills, and then start anew. Yeah, that’s a reintroducing mode, but it’s not a bad gift for Christmas 2021 especially for Dota 2 fans.

The fact that certain features of this upgrade are hidden behind incredibly high battle pass levels is causing the most anxiety among the community. This is a tricky one to figure out because this update provides a lot of valuable stuff for free, while the battle pass content stays aesthetic.

The only exception is Mirana’s rework, which is effectively paywalled as well as takes a while to grind until you pay extra, but clearly, a lot of effort went into it. That doesn’t appear ridiculous, but everyone will have an opinion: there’s also the issue that, to put it frankly, gamers will be disappointed if something nice isn’t at the end of the path.

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Finally, the capability for controllers is a welcome feature. You would play Dota 2 using a Steam gamepad in the past, but now the game can function with any Steam Input-compatible device absolutely, all of them. So, Acquire Nintendo Pro Controllers ready, Gamers.

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