Doctor Who: Edge Reality VR Game Review – Frustrating Glitches

Doctor Who: the edge of reality VR game, is a 2021 console game developed by map theories and released by the company play stack. It is an expanded version of The Edge of Time, providing almost the exact same features with some added-on-top characters like David Tennant taking the voice of the tenth doctor and a new opponent called the Cyber reaper.

This series has struggled to shine. Many people loathe this game simply because it is so aggravating. So many people hate this game because of how different it is from what they thought. Many people also say that this game is more difficult than battle toads. For those who don’t know, battle toads was an N64 game and were one of the toughest games of that era, and now a doctor who the edge of reality has taken its spot. Great job on making the new most hated game. 

But now let’s get on with the mechanics of the game. So, the major premise of Doctor Who VR is that. It is a puzzle game. You are put in a strange situation and are told to solve the problem caused. That is the main reason many people hate it. People did not like the puzzle aspect of Doctor Who VR.

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As it was supposed to be a sci-fi game, people were even more disappointed and called the game “Wasted Potential” but many people have also said that it helped them improve their analytical capabilities. We could’ve gotten an insanely cool battling sci-fi game, but it gave us a puzzle jumbled up. Which many people like but many people hate it. Aside from that, the VR setup is exquisite in this game and arguably one of the better ones. Overall, these were all the mechanics. 

However, there are monsters you need to fight, unlike other games in this game you are fighting those ugly beasts one to one. No weapons, just a fistfight, which is insane. Doctor Who: the edge of reality is so insane that there has been only one speed run of this game. Yes, only one. Few people have even dared to play this game. And yes there will be a lot of deaths in this game.

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Ok, this is an edge of reality guide. The following are a necessity for you to know.

  1. You should have at least a decent understanding of analytical-based problems because Doctor Who: the edge of reality is gonna fry your brains. Now, this is not a necessity, since you can play this game to help build up that analytical strength which indirectly might help you with your life as a whole.
  2. If your gut senses are telling you anything, believe them. Some might say not to but believing in your senses is going to be key for this game.
  3. Run diagonally. In this game, you run faster, if you run diagonally. This will allow you to avoid monsters. Since they won’t be as fast as you.

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This game is incredible for your analytical thinking. This game can be really fun. However, it might not be that fun for many people. Anyway, this was the edge of reality guide for the Doctor Who VR series.

So this was my doctor who edges reality review. Doctor Who is an ultimate adventure game that has dimension-hopping trips.

Doctor Who: Edge Reality VR Game Review is the perfect and befitting game for all the adventure gamers who like some virtual reality gaming.

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