Animal Crossing New Horizons art guide: Are Redd’s All Art Real?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a social simulation game developed for the platform Nintendo Switch. Before coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons art guide let’s have a small introduction of Jolly Redd. He’s a guy in the game who looks like a fox and is basically a salesperson. He sells some extremely rare artworks and paintings in the game. 

Nintendo has developed and published the Animal Crossing game and it is the fifth game in the Animal Crossing series. The game was released on March 20, 2020.

Let’s help you out with Animal Crossing: art guide in more detail. So differentiating the actual art apart from the fake ones, we present to you this dedicated Animal Crossing: New Horizons art guide. By the end of this blog, you will be fully informed and aware of the things he sells and will be able to easily find out the genuine products apart from the fake ones. This blog talks about the Animal Crossing art guide in extreme detail.

Fake artworks are basically useless apart from the fact that we can use them just for decoration. They won’t be accepted by the Museum nor can the player sell them. They are basically useless and the player will need to remove them using a trash furniture item.

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Before we talk about real vs fake products, let’s have a look at all the products Redd sells. He sells both paintings and statues. Here they are:

How To Spot Redd’s Fake Painting And Statues?

Real Vs Fake Art- Paintings:

  • Serene Painting: The fake painting will have circles that look like raccoons around the eyes of the ermine.
  • Warm Painting: Always genuine.
  • Wistful Painting: This one has one real and two fake versions. The authentic version has an earring shaped like a pearl. The fake ones have star-shaped earrings along with one having closed eyes.
  • Academic Painting: The fake one has a coffee stain on the corner.
  • Graceful Painting: Real version has a white tag on to the hair whereas the fake version doesn’t and the woman is also larger. In another fake version, she’s looking to the left rather than the right.
  • Calm Painting: Always genuine.
  • Flowery Painting: Always genuine.
  • Jolly Painting: Fake one has a sprout missing from the chest.
  • Moody Painting: Always genuine.
  • Famous Painting: Fake one has eyebrows.
  • Scary Painting: Real one looks angry. The fake one has sad-looking eyebrows. Another fake version has a smiling face.
  • Dynamic Painting: Always genuine.
  • Scenic Painting: The fake one has some dogs and a hunter missing.
  • Moving Painting: Fake version will miss trees.
  • Amazing Painting: The man in the front will miss his hat in the fake one.
  • Quaint Painting: The fake version will have the woman pouring much more milk.
  • Solemn Painting: The man in the fake version will raise his arm more than the genuine one.
  • Basic Painting: The character has more hair in the fake version.
  • Worthy Painting: Always genuine.
  • Glowing Painting: Always genuine.
  • Common Painting: Always genuine.
  • Sinking Painting: Always genuine.
  • Nice painting: Always genuine.
  • Proper Painting: Always genuine.
  • Mysterious Painting: Always genuine.
  • Twinkling Painting: Always genuine.
  • Perfect Painting: Always genuine.
  • Wild Painting Left Half: The beast is green in the fake one.
  • Wild Painting Right Half: Here, the beast is white in the fake one.
  • Detailed Painting: The real one has blue foliage along with a signature, the fake version has a purple one along with the latter missing.

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Real Vs Fake Art- Statues:

  • Warrior Statue: Fake version is holding a shovel.
  • Motherly Statue: Fake version has a tongue sticking out of the wolf’s mouth.
  • Beautiful Statue: Fake version wears a necklace.
  • Robust Statue: Fake version wears a watch.
  • Gallant Statue: Fake version is holding a book under the arm.
  • Informative statue: Real one is black, and the fake is blue.
  • Ancient Statue: Along with sometimes having glowing eyes, the fake version also has two antennas appearing on both sides of its head.
  • Tremendous Statue: Fake version has a lid.
  • Mystic Statue: Fake version has an earring.
  • Rock-head Statue: Fake version has a smiling face.
  • Valiant Statue: Fake version has left the leg forward.
  • Familiar Statue: Always genuine.
  • Great Statue: Always genuine.

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In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons art guide, we covered every aspect of the real and fake art of Jolly Redd in detail. This list contains every statue and painting sold by Redd. Whenever in doubt, just refer to this blog exclusively made for passionate gamers like you.

This Animal Crossing art guide talks about spotting real and fake artwork. So the next time you log in, be a pro with these tips. Happy gaming!

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