Adventures of Mana: Real Like Portable Action Game

The Adventures of Mana is a taking step toward a role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix

It is a 3D redo of the 1991 Game Boy game Final Fantasy Adventure, the first game in the Mana series. 

It was set free worldwide for Android and iOS on February 4, 2016; 

a PlayStation Vita version was also set free on the same date in Japan,

and in June 2016 in North America, South America, and Europe. 

In addition to these releases,

Square Enix has said that they are considering evolving versions for PlayStation 4 and personal computers.

The player takes the character of a young hero who, together with a heroine,

tries to stop the Dark Lord of Glaive from destroying the Tree of Mana

The gameplay focuses on conflict with monsters or other enemies and is seen from a top-down perspective. 

The player traverses the game world, which is divided into several areas and makes their way through oubliette.

While fighting monster characters, a weight is shown on the screen filling up over time and resetting when the player gets beat or attacks; by waiting to attack until the weight is full, the player can use a muscular assault. 

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The player is escorted by various non-player characters, who each have different skills the player can use, and who help them defeat enemies.

Adventures of Mana: Top 5 Tips 

1. The Basics Behind the Ring Menu

A familiar element from the series, the “Ring Menu” once again visualizes in Adventures of Mana.

Tapping the icon will open the menu in a ring formation. So players can alter their weapons or equipment without the need to switch screens.

2. Utilize the Shortcuts Mechanic

For a smoother journey, players should utilize the newly implemented “Shortcuts” feature.

Here they can register up to four frequently used items or weapons. Making weapon-swapping and item use during battles a breeze.

3. Check Your Inventory for Solutions to Roadblocks

Various hindrances may block the player’s path during their adventure. If players search themselves stuck in a room and cannot open the door. Stuck in an area with no clear path, they should check their inventory and spells. Items such as a mattock, chain flail, sickle, or a Blizzard spell may be the key to resolving these issues.

4. Wipe Out the Baddies in an Area to Get the Item You Need to Proceed Further

If players search themselves without a keyring or mattock in certain areas. Take some time to battle monsters in the area. There is a one-in-four chance the items needed might drop from the defeated monsters.

5. Keep an Eye Out for Easter Eggs…

For the first time in the game, players will be able to view the Dark Lord without his mask on. This content was originally evolved for the Game Boy version. But was not included due to system capacity issues at the time.

Somewhere on the game’s map, players can hear the track, “Town Theme,” a BGM track. It was also previously not included in the Game Boy version due to system capacity issues.

If players type “knight for a day” at a specific location in the game, something thrilling may happen.

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Adventures of Mana’s battle system contribute you the autonomy to travel about the playing field without restriction. It allows for stimulating combat in which you choose when to attack and how to evade.


Player movement is achieved via a virtual joystick available somewhere on the screen. An auto-adjust feature has also been added. So that even if your thumb drifts from its original position, you will never lose control of the hero.


Weapons are divided into six exclusive categories, some with uses beyond merely dealing with scratch. Determining when and where to furnish each kind will prove the key to triumph on your quest.

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From restoring lost HP or removing diverse ailments to rendering foes incapacitated or selling deadly blows, there are eight diverse spells for almost any occasion.


Bloodthirsty enemies are not the only things standing in the means of completing your quest. You will need both tools and your wits to conquer the many challenges encountered in the adventures of Mana, ranging from locked doors to hidden rooms to traps growing progressively more complex as the game progresses.

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